Amateur Radio in Kenya

Radio Society of Kenya (RSK) Members at the 2023 AGM on January 21, 2023, Planning House, Nairobi, Kenya

Amateur Radio has been in existence in Kenya since 1933, when it was initially a part of the Radio Society of East Africa (RSEA). In 1973, the RSEA split into the Amateur Radio Society of Kenya (ARSK later renamed Radio Society of Kenya – RSK), the Tanzania Amateur Radio Club (TARC) and the Uganda Amateur Radio Society (UARS).

The Radio Society of Kenya (RSK) seeks to promote & develop amateur (Ham) radio to advance the art & science of radio & its public service role in Kenya, and is open to all those interested.

The society continues to grow from strength to strength and is in an exciting stage of growth as we embrace new technologies and operational structures. One of most important areas of focus is to grow our members, establish membership across the nation and continually support the growth of amateur radio in the region, to include the welcoming of visitors and supporting qualified licensees in their application for amateur licenses to operate in the country.

5Z4B Live!

Over the years the society has been involved in numerous activities supporting personal, civilian and national activities. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The East African Safari Rally
  • Emergency services such as the train derailment
  • Jamboree on the Air (JOTA)
  • School membership
  • … amongst other activities